Brodkast is an audio video postproduction and musical production company, based in Montreuil, near Paris, France. Our 350 square meters studio are pleasantly and peacefully decorated in a professional setting. We provide a large range of audio and video solutions adapted to your particular needs.

We are very proactive and attentive to our clients’ wishes. Our project manager -your sole contact point- will carry out your project from start to finish: compliance with project specifications, quality and timeliness.Our flexibility enables us to ensure our clients’ satisfaction (best value for money principle).

A team of experienced professionals is at your disposal. Our engineers are specialized in post-production or music -rock-folk-jazz, black music-electronic or traditional music. Overall, about fifty people are involved to make your project a reality: production managers, translators, adapters, studio set directors, video editors, music producers, sound designers, musical arrangers, as well as a catalogue of hundreds of actors.

We have a large panel of national and international customers – television channels, production companies, large industrial conglomerates, Majors and many artists.

Our four studios are at your disposal
- Top of the range equipment, serviced daily by our maintenance team.
- Traditional analogue mixing on SSL console, or digital mixing with Avid D Command. In addition, “Class A” analog gears.
- The acoustic of the auditorium, made by engineers Patrick Thevenot and Jacques Fuchs from  TAYLOR MADE SYSTEM, is a world innovation: this new concept allows exceptionally precise and fine mixing,
«  Brodkast, nouvelle conception de l’acoustique », SONOVISION – Brodkast, New Acoustic Concept.
- Video HD equipment (editing tables and video recorders).
- All our computers are interconnected via a 1GB network. An internal server 10 TO is used for storage and makes inter studio exchanges easier.